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I am writing to give me heartfelt gratitude to brother Bob for blessing me yesterday with a bus pass at Deep Elum train station. God used Mr. Bob to remind me that He is faithful to his word; On saturday, a friend gave me $20 for a weekly buss pass. I decided to give God a tithe 10% and an offering of $5. After doing so, I begun to second guess myself, may I shouldn’t have. How am I going to get a much needed weekly train pass? God reminded me what He said in Malachi 3:10 bring the whole tithe and offering in to my storehouse, that they may be food in my house.Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty “and see if I will not throw open the floodgate of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” I struggle a little bit with trusting him to do what he promised in this Scripture and finally, I said Lord, I will trust you. God reminded me that though I did not have enough money to buy a weekly pass, I had enough for the day. I bought a one way train ticket and headed down town Dallas. On my way back home, I met Mr. Bod at Deep Elum. I had made my ticket selection and just about to pay for it when I heard someone say, ” I hope you have paid for it.” I turned around there was this man dressed in suit talking about a ticket I could use. I was so thankful because the previous day, I asked God to provide a ticket for me. Mr. Bod not only blessed me with a bus pass, he also played my favorite hymns- when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and Trust and Obey. God kept his word and opened the heavens to bless me in a way I could not contain it. I’ve told everyone about Mr. Bob, an angel sent by God to meet my need as well as remind me that God cannot lie, He keeps his word. Praise God. Thanks Bob, my God-sent angel.

After decades of despair, mentally disabled man

finds happiness in East Dallas

Published: Feb 26, 2012 11:23 PM

Everywhere he goes, everyone knows Bob.

For more than a decade, Bob Crawford has been a familiar sight at shops, restaurants and all manner of gathering places in East Dallas.

He was not, at first, a welcome one.

He was disheveled and obviously mentally disabled. He had a horrific past,

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Congrats!  This was a great story—front page – major placement.    A good reminder that there a lots of Bobs out there and many stay in the shadows.



Yep, we saw the article and were tickled for him and for you, who made this film about him. And while I am glad it has resulted in his improved situation and increased body of caretakers, I do hope it results in improved chances for all of you at 3Frogs in getting your film some better distribution and increased income for you too.

Labors of love for creatives can fry us both financially and emotionally, something both the general public and certainly few people reading the article or even Bob realize. Doc filmmakers know, for sure, but with so many indies out there making films with their i-equipment on Daddy’s dime at college, distributer  and venues often forget how hard it is out there to make something like you did.

But regardless of how it all turns out in the end, you have done what all doc people hope to do: improve the sensitivity of the public to the pain out here in the world and improve the lives of those suffering. Congratulations, good people.

Sandy Matthews

(one of your interviewees)

Re: About Bob the documenting story of Robert Thomas Crawford in Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate. It was so uplifting to read the article on Bob. I feel now more than ever honored and grateful for the moments we shared. May my gratitude rekindle inspiration gone dim for those who have had the privilage to know him or just crossed his path. 

I use to work in an office with 10 other people at Mockingbird Central Plaza. Bob the Vagabond use to come and visit us what seemed to be on a daily bases. Most of my co-workers and I were usually tolerant of him. Just a couple of people in our office who weren’t; I think mainly because of his smell. They were upset that we showed him any kindness at all. And that we indulged him by giving him food, drinks, and listening to his stories.

After reading his story I realize that those who really knew Bob or spent time with him was really time well spent and not in vain. He probably did more good for us than we ever did for him; you just had to love him. No matter his circumstance in life he was always cheerful. As I think back I believe he was a blessing in disguise and not a curse as he was to some. Somewhere I read, “Sometimes the cure arrives before the curse, but blinded as we mere mortals often tend to be, we fail to recognize one for what they truly are.” People like Bob are a low blow to society in the eyes of some. Heaven forbid if we should make an effort toward being nice to someone who is different from us. 

Reading Bob’s story brought tears of joy and remorse streaming down my face. Made me wish I had been even more accommodating, tolerant, and kind to him when I had the chance. When I had the time I would let him sit at my desk and just listen to his stories. Rich or poor I think what most of us want is just someone who will listen. Often he would ask me for a ride home but I always came up with an excuse why I couldn’t. But the real reason was because of his smell.  So glad he is getting his day in the sun and some glory by telling his true life story. Can’t wait till Lisa Johnson, Heather and Sebastian Lee, ( angels in human form ), bring his story to the big screen. I’ll definitely be seeing the film and checking out the web-site

So sorry I didn’t give Vagabond Bob a ride home the times he asked. Would of, could of, should of in hindsight. No doubt this film “His Name Is Bob” will be a lesson for all of us in tolerance toward the less fortunate. Knowing Bob I am sure it will be funny, inspiring, heartbreaking, deeply disturbing as the producers hope it will be and it should be. I believe Bob’s main purpose on earth may be to help those of us who are more fortunate gain humility and allow us  the opportunity in showing loving kindness towards others like him. His life story should remind us we can’t judge another unless we’ve walked a mile or two in their shoes. Also, hopefully bring out the best of people and understanding the true meaning of the saying, “Tis better to give than receive”. The more we give the more we are blessed. Those seeking help from us may very well be the source of our salvation.

The following is taken out of context from Isaiah 53. It’s about another survivor others have come to know and love that fits Bob’s description somewhat. “He was considered stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.” I think Bob is blessed by God and under His protected wings of angels. Could be his purpose here is to share his life story and be a blessing to others. I am thankful and twice blessed to have made his acquantance. Just wish I’d taken more time, gotten to know him better, and been a better friend. 

Gail Blessing

Name is Sandy. Older, blonde lady. Used to work at Whole Earth, give you rides to your meetings and listen to you play. Was astonished when one day on our way to your meeting, you recited all the traditions, steps, etc. of the AA creed. It made me realize how hard you had to work, more than most people, to have regain your sobriety. I was very impressed.

I was also saddened when you brought in your court papers about your inheritance and it was clear that you had, indeed, been unfairly cheated.

And even more sad to see the miserable place you were forced to grow up. Those hospitals all over the country were nightmares for the helpless residents.

So you were right all along. You ARE going to be a movie star! And I am thrilled for you and the fine folks who have understood you your very special soul.

P.S. Don’t forget to take your bath, wash your clothes and take your meds!

You are way too handsome to be grungy!

J. D. & Sandy

Recently we had a new post to this topic see below:

  1. Jay Says:
    Bob asked me for a ride one time in front of Premiere video. I said no with a lame excuse. I asked inside about the short, keyboard holding man. Sam told me that Bob was a very nice man that would not hurt a fly. I had changed my mine but when I looked he was gone.Two weeks later I saw Bob again in front of the video store. I asked him if he needed a ride and of course he said yes. The ride I had with Bob was memorable. Everything I have read about Bob on this site seems so accurate in what I experienced in 15 minutes.

    In my everyday hustle and bustle, I forget that there are truly outstanding people out there with hearts of gold that I just don’t let in. It made me feel good that I could give Bob a ride. It made me feel better that I was fortunate to meet a person with a heart of gold.

Although I don’t think anyone really thinks that Bob is G-O-D.  It certainly has been fun thinking and talking about it.  The other day I had a mental discovery.  I saw a room full of people in the same way Bob does.  I’m like most, I think, as I inter a large room full of people, like a restaurant, I sit somewhat quietly and keep to myself.  Most social educate that I have learned in my life says “Don’t bother the people then they are eating” or “Just because we are in the same room doesn’t mean I want to talk to you.” 


 Bob simply see a room full of people as an opportunity to talk to as many people as he can in the smallest amount of space.  Like a politician or a profit, aka salesman.


  What is Bob selling; Jokes, Smiles, Love, Hey can I have a buck? Ok he’s not perfect but does the hat not go around in the church and the caucus? 

Every funny. I got a call today from the Dallas Film Commission office asking for help! They said “I’m not sure what to do with this information so I’m calling you” They had Googled use and got my number, apparently Bob was causing such a ruckus at the State Fair that someone from the PR Dept of the Stair Fair grounds called the Dallas Film Commission asking about a supposed showing of “His Name Is Bob” at the State Fair.“My film is supposed to be showing here at the fair and I can’t find it, can you help me find it.”

Well there was no showing of the film because it’s not finished. I’m not sure why Bob thought this, but as a testament to his tenacity I making this post.

Thanks Bob, at least now the Dallas Film Commission knows about the film!

Have a Great Day!

J. Sebastian Lee

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting this story.

I worked for one of the organizations, the Area Agency in Region III, Lakes Region Community Services Council Laconia, NH, that was formed to support people after the State School was closed. I worked to provide support to many of the individuals who lived there; sadly, Bob’s story is very familiar to me. This is a story that can not be told enough.

Thank you and all the best,
Bob M.

I was just told by Bob the other day about this website. I love what you are doing. Bob has been my friend for the 2 years I have worked at Whole Earth. The pastel painting, at the top of your page, I wanted to add was done by me.

Josh Strey

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