Bob calls me about 10 times a week. Sometimes he is in a good mood and just wants to tell me he loves me, but once in a while he calls me to find out what is doing on with his movie and I have to tell him to please be patient.

But what is going on with the film? 

Right now:

  • We are gearing up to re edit the 45 minute version to submit to the 41st USA film festival. 
  • We are working on getting our editing system upgraded to Avid Media Composer 5
  • We are considering what is needed to get the 1:48 minute version in a format that can be sold via DVD.  This is mostly legal stuff about the music rights.  What music stays and what has to go.  Sound somewhat easy…. not so.
  • We have one distributor that is interested in the film but we are at the bottom of the list at the moment and just have to wait. They like the film and want to work with us, but are busy working on other projects.
  • We are also still waiting to hear from and couple more film festival.  Fingers crossed we will get into one more festival.