We had an amazing screening to a sold out crowd at the 40th USA film festival. We could not have imagined a better first screening. People cried and laughed.  We are so grateful to the USA Film Festival for believing in our film and for all the Bob fans that showed up to make that such a beautiful night.

It is almost 6 years since we started this project and tonight we show the trailer and one of the songs from the film at the Kettle Art Allier in Deep Ellum.  It has been a very long road.  We are hoping to have showings of the film in March and/or April.

Hi Everyone

We are making the very last cuts and audio tunes.  We have submitted the film to 6 film festivals and should start hearing from them by Dec 15th.  We are hoping to have some kind of non public limited screening some time in January.  But as we are hoping to get in to the Dallas International Film festival we can’t have a public showing before April 2010 here in Dallas.

Re: Trailer His Name Is Bob

I would give this video 1000 stars if I could. I gave it the most allowed 5 stars.

Sorry for the delay. I was out of state with mom for two weeks helping her sister who has cancer. No computer.

You are very kind hearted to comment. Your kindness is appreciated. After viewing your channel, reading your comments and watching your videos you have to be a super, kind and friendly person.

I loved the “Trailer His Name Is Bob ” film you sent. I watched most all your videos. I like Bob. He is educated in the ways of life and does not take bull off of people. We all have a bit of Bob in us. Bob is one of a kind and deep down a very nice person. If any one does not like the things you said about bob in your profile He would have every right to tell them to get lost.

If you like Tiffany Jo music she would be for ever gratefuland deeply honor for your support

Re: About Bob the documenting story of Robert Thomas Crawford in Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate. It was so uplifting to read the article on Bob. I feel now more than ever honored and grateful for the moments we shared. May my gratitude rekindle inspiration gone dim for those who have had the privilage to know him or just crossed his path. 

I use to work in an office with 10 other people at Mockingbird Central Plaza. Bob the Vagabond use to come and visit us what seemed to be on a daily bases. Most of my co-workers and I were usually tolerant of him. Just a couple of people in our office who weren’t; I think mainly because of his smell. They were upset that we showed him any kindness at all. And that we indulged him by giving him food, drinks, and listening to his stories.

After reading his story I realize that those who really knew Bob or spent time with him was really time well spent and not in vain. He probably did more good for us than we ever did for him; you just had to love him. No matter his circumstance in life he was always cheerful. As I think back I believe he was a blessing in disguise and not a curse as he was to some. Somewhere I read, “Sometimes the cure arrives before the curse, but blinded as we mere mortals often tend to be, we fail to recognize one for what they truly are.” People like Bob are a low blow to society in the eyes of some. Heaven forbid if we should make an effort toward being nice to someone who is different from us. 

Reading Bob’s story brought tears of joy and remorse streaming down my face. Made me wish I had been even more accommodating, tolerant, and kind to him when I had the chance. When I had the time I would let him sit at my desk and just listen to his stories. Rich or poor I think what most of us want is just someone who will listen. Often he would ask me for a ride home but I always came up with an excuse why I couldn’t. But the real reason was because of his smell.  So glad he is getting his day in the sun and some glory by telling his true life story. Can’t wait till Lisa Johnson, Heather and Sebastian Lee, ( angels in human form ), bring his story to the big screen. I’ll definitely be seeing the film and checking out the web-site hisnameisbob.com.

So sorry I didn’t give Vagabond Bob a ride home the times he asked. Would of, could of, should of in hindsight. No doubt this film “His Name Is Bob” will be a lesson for all of us in tolerance toward the less fortunate. Knowing Bob I am sure it will be funny, inspiring, heartbreaking, deeply disturbing as the producers hope it will be and it should be. I believe Bob’s main purpose on earth may be to help those of us who are more fortunate gain humility and allow us  the opportunity in showing loving kindness towards others like him. His life story should remind us we can’t judge another unless we’ve walked a mile or two in their shoes. Also, hopefully bring out the best of people and understanding the true meaning of the saying, “Tis better to give than receive”. The more we give the more we are blessed. Those seeking help from us may very well be the source of our salvation.

The following is taken out of context from Isaiah 53. It’s about another survivor others have come to know and love that fits Bob’s description somewhat. “He was considered stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.” I think Bob is blessed by God and under His protected wings of angels. Could be his purpose here is to share his life story and be a blessing to others. I am thankful and twice blessed to have made his acquantance. Just wish I’d taken more time, gotten to know him better, and been a better friend. 

Gail Blessing

We worked about 12-14 hours a day for 3 weeks and showed up at FedEx at the last possible submission time at 8:31 pm as the doors to FedEx where closing.  The man saw three cars speeding threw the parking lot and 4 people running up to the door at the same time so he let us in.  Now all we have to do is WAIT 2 1/2 months to know if we got in.

We are sitting here on a Saturday about to review the sound for the final submission to Sundance.  Some have said they believe we can get in, I like to think we can, Lisa is sure we can and Heather the staunch realists shakes her head “I’ll believe it when i see it, until then stop asking me”.  Hard to believe we have gotten this far and for better or worse we have run out of time and so the film is Finished as of Sept 25, baring a few minor changes

We are being helped to get this film done by September 2009.  Matt McClain from Filmworkers is working on the color corrections.  Phil Rogers from TakeOne is fixing all of our bad sound issues.  We are working on getting someone to redo the titles in the film so they look better.  We have gotten the rights to use a Tom Waits and a Beth Hard song.  We are working on getting Shawn Colvin but have been unsuccessful todate.  Mike Graff has offered the use of some of his songs from Course of Empires.  Other great musicians are Brad Hauser, Kenny Withrow and Will Lindow who are working on mood music and other original sound.  Thanks everyone we are very grateful for the help.

Hi everyone.  We are very close to picture lock.  Once this happens them all the other creative people will get their hands on the footage; Sound Engineer, Sound & Music Composers, Graphics Artists and Color Correction and Final transfer people.  We are very excited about this and have high hopes for the completion of this mega project.

Name is Sandy. Older, blonde lady. Used to work at Whole Earth, give you rides to your meetings and listen to you play. Was astonished when one day on our way to your meeting, you recited all the traditions, steps, etc. of the AA creed. It made me realize how hard you had to work, more than most people, to have regain your sobriety. I was very impressed.

I was also saddened when you brought in your court papers about your inheritance and it was clear that you had, indeed, been unfairly cheated.

And even more sad to see the miserable place you were forced to grow up. Those hospitals all over the country were nightmares for the helpless residents.

So you were right all along. You ARE going to be a movie star! And I am thrilled for you and the fine folks who have understood you your very special soul.

P.S. Don’t forget to take your bath, wash your clothes and take your meds!

You are way too handsome to be grungy!

J. D. & Sandy

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