We leave tonight for a long-planned trip to Sedona, AZ, to do some more shooting. This is one of the last major things on our shot list to complete. We hope to capture more of Bob’s spiritual side in a beautiful setting. Bob called last night. “Just checking on the trip,” he said. He’s excited. I told him we’d be going in my car, and he said that sounds good. He told me, “You’re a good woman.” Made me smile. I told him that he is, too, which roused up a “Hey, stop that!” coupled with some chuckling on the other end of the phone. He asked me if Sebastian was there. I told him yes, and he said to say hi. Such a well-mannered man. “See you tomorrow, Bob,” I said. “Not if I see you first!” was his response. That simple conversation put a big smile on my face. Another example of the power of Bob. I’m very excited about this trip!