February 2012

After decades of despair, mentally disabled man

finds happiness in East Dallas

Published: Feb 26, 2012 11:23 PM

Everywhere he goes, everyone knows Bob.

For more than a decade, Bob Crawford has been a familiar sight at shops, restaurants and all manner of gathering places in East Dallas.

He was not, at first, a welcome one.

He was disheveled and obviously mentally disabled. He had a horrific past,


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Hi Everyone

Lisa and I screened the 45 minutes version of His Name is Bob at the Dallas Junior League.  It was a great success, with everyone staying for the Q&A.  It really amazes me every time we screen this film, the reaction from the crowd and how much they have bonded with Bob during the film.

We answered about 20 great questions about Bob childhood, the making of the film and what Bob’s live is like now.

Thanks Junior League it was a great time.

Congrats!  This was a great story—front page – major placement.    A good reminder that there a lots of Bobs out there and many stay in the shadows.



Lisa –

I saw the article this morning before I got your email – congrats! You need to be participating in next year’s Academy Awards ceremony!


Yep, we saw the article and were tickled for him and for you, who made this film about him. And while I am glad it has resulted in his improved situation and increased body of caretakers, I do hope it results in improved chances for all of you at 3Frogs in getting your film some better distribution and increased income for you too.

Labors of love for creatives can fry us both financially and emotionally, something both the general public and certainly few people reading the article or even Bob realize. Doc filmmakers know, for sure, but with so many indies out there making films with their i-equipment on Daddy’s dime at college, distributer  and venues often forget how hard it is out there to make something like you did.

But regardless of how it all turns out in the end, you have done what all doc people hope to do: improve the sensitivity of the public to the pain out here in the world and improve the lives of those suffering. Congratulations, good people.

Sandy Matthews

(one of your interviewees)

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