Re: Trailer His Name Is Bob

I would give this video 1000 stars if I could. I gave it the most allowed 5 stars.

Sorry for the delay. I was out of state with mom for two weeks helping her sister who has cancer. No computer.

You are very kind hearted to comment. Your kindness is appreciated. After viewing your channel, reading your comments and watching your videos you have to be a super, kind and friendly person.

I loved the “Trailer His Name Is Bob ” film you sent. I watched most all your videos. I like Bob. He is educated in the ways of life and does not take bull off of people. We all have a bit of Bob in us. Bob is one of a kind and deep down a very nice person. If any one does not like the things you said about bob in your profile He would have every right to tell them to get lost.

If you like Tiffany Jo music she would be for ever gratefuland deeply honor for your support