June 2008

Hi everyone, we have had a catastrophic data loss on the editing system.  Complete hard drive failure!  This is a gigantic set back for us and very upsetting.  We had the rough cut down to 2:53 and were very excited about getting it down to about 2:15.  If this data can be recovered aka the Backup files it is a three to four month delay.  If they can’t recover the data it could take up to 6 months to re-do the work and many files would be completely lost.  The data recovery will cost $1700, Ouch!!

Hi Everyone!  We have been working hard in our spare time which isn’t as much as we would like but progress is happening.  He had the rough cut finished at 3:25 and have cut it down to 2:53.  Our plan is to get it down, as close to 2hrs as we can.  As you can see Bob’s story is very complicated and vastly interesting.  It has been difficult make it shorter.

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