August 2007

I am interested in doing some music for this film. Ask Bob about me.

Thank you,

Jay Boy A.

Hi! My name is Michelle and I’ve watched Bob walk up and down Mockingbird for the last few years. I especially loved his 4th of July get-up as he paraded around with his collection of American flags. I’ve always wondered about him. Where he came from, what his story is. I was at Jason’s Deli last night with my family and Bob was there passing out his cards. He introduced himself to my 16 month-old son Harrison. Someone was there with him and I wanted to ask about Bob, but I didn’t want to seem nosy or intrusive. So as soon as we got home, I checked out the website and watched the film. What an amazing story! If there’s anything I can do for Bob, please let me know. How’s the fundng for the film coming? Has anyone thought of a sponsored run (like through Run-On) for Bob and the film? I think there have to be so many people like me. People who have seen him walk up and down Mockingbird for years but have never taken the time to stop and meet him. I’m sure if people just had the chance to meet him and see his story, they would want to help. Thanks for putting a clip of the film on-line. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help even if it’s with everyday things like food or clothing for Bob or helping to raise $ for the film. His story and his easy, loving manner with my little guy really touched me.

Hello…my name is Kim Blake. I am a member and volunteer bartender at The Sons of Hermann Hall (corner of Elm/Exposition). Bob is one of our “regulars” at many of the concerts. He does not care too much for the sit down type concerts. He’d much rather be at one of the dancing/singing/rocking ones. He likes to dance and pretend to play his keyboard like he’s one of the band members. He’s a great guy….sweet….and flirts with us women. We have come to love him. He also hangs out at the All Good Cafe. We would love it if your movie has some pics of him at The Sons during a concert.

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