April 2007

Hi Everyone!  People ask us all the time what is going on with the Bob film.  So here is a progress report.  Heather is settling into the head editor position and as a result we are moving forward on the edit.  We have parts of three chapters in a rough cut right now and the story is starting to come out of the footage we have shot.  Very exciting!  We are continuing to interview and do our shooting punch lists. On the technical front, Heather and I are talking about getting a new computer just to edit on.  My computer - although very strong - is not quite enough for the editing software, so we have been plagued with tech problems pretty much since day one. Lisa led us on an interview with the Rev. Sawtelle over the telephone a few days ago.  The Rev. Sawtelle knew Bob in the 80s, and his story of Bob is shocking at moments.

George Bush is a crooked democrat!!

What do you call a pencil without an eraser?


I was interested in finding out how you came up with the idea to use chapters to tell Bob’s story?

Various people have told us stories about what they took as God speaking through Bob.  Bob has been known to say things that seemed above him or that he could not have understood.  Please tell us your stories.

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