I am writing to give me heartfelt gratitude to brother Bob for blessing me yesterday with a bus pass at Deep Elum train station. God used Mr. Bob to remind me that He is faithful to his word; On saturday, a friend gave me $20 for a weekly buss pass. I decided to give God a tithe 10% and an offering of $5. After doing so, I begun to second guess myself, may I shouldn’t have. How am I going to get a much needed weekly train pass? God reminded me what He said in Malachi 3:10 bring the whole tithe and offering in to my storehouse, that they may be food in my house.Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty “and see if I will not throw open the floodgate of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” I struggle a little bit with trusting him to do what he promised in this Scripture and finally, I said Lord, I will trust you. God reminded me that though I did not have enough money to buy a weekly pass, I had enough for the day. I bought a one way train ticket and headed down town Dallas. On my way back home, I met Mr. Bod at Deep Elum. I had made my ticket selection and just about to pay for it when I heard someone say, ” I hope you have paid for it.” I turned around there was this man dressed in suit talking about a ticket I could use. I was so thankful because the previous day, I asked God to provide a ticket for me. Mr. Bod not only blessed me with a bus pass, he also played my favorite hymns- when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and Trust and Obey. God kept his word and opened the heavens to bless me in a way I could not contain it. I’ve told everyone about Mr. Bob, an angel sent by God to meet my need as well as remind me that God cannot lie, He keeps his word. Praise God. Thanks Bob, my God-sent angel.