February 2009

Name is Sandy. Older, blonde lady. Used to work at Whole Earth, give you rides to your meetings and listen to you play. Was astonished when one day on our way to your meeting, you recited all the traditions, steps, etc. of the AA creed. It made me realize how hard you had to work, more than most people, to have regain your sobriety. I was very impressed.

I was also saddened when you brought in your court papers about your inheritance and it was clear that you had, indeed, been unfairly cheated.

And even more sad to see the miserable place you were forced to grow up. Those hospitals all over the country were nightmares for the helpless residents.

So you were right all along. You ARE going to be a movie star! And I am thrilled for you and the fine folks who have understood you your very special soul.

P.S. Don’t forget to take your bath, wash your clothes and take your meds!

You are way too handsome to be grungy!

J. D. & Sandy

I sent out an email about the story and this is a response I got from a woman I work with:

“how funny! my sister and i met bob a couple months ago at the whole earth provision company. he guessed our astrological signs just by looking at us. it was wild.”

Hi everyone, we are working toward a picture lock.  Weee!  Looks great so far.

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