October 2007

Very exciting news! We may have found someone who might Executive Produce
along with us. We are talking with a friend of mine who is Executive
Director of the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio and the former Texas
Film Commissioner.

His name is Joseph Dial.

He is going to help us find funding to finish the film, but also, he has a
contact with a world-renowned medical doctor who can help us with our
chapter “Medical Opinion.”

Needless to say, we’re very excited. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Have a Great Day!

Lisa Johnson

Recently we had a new post to this topic see below:

  1. Jay Says:
    Bob asked me for a ride one time in front of Premiere video. I said no with a lame excuse. I asked inside about the short, keyboard holding man. Sam told me that Bob was a very nice man that would not hurt a fly. I had changed my mine but when I looked he was gone.Two weeks later I saw Bob again in front of the video store. I asked him if he needed a ride and of course he said yes. The ride I had with Bob was memorable. Everything I have read about Bob on this site seems so accurate in what I experienced in 15 minutes.

    In my everyday hustle and bustle, I forget that there are truly outstanding people out there with hearts of gold that I just don’t let in. It made me feel good that I could give Bob a ride. It made me feel better that I was fortunate to meet a person with a heart of gold.

Although I don’t think anyone really thinks that Bob is G-O-D.  It certainly has been fun thinking and talking about it.  The other day I had a mental discovery.  I saw a room full of people in the same way Bob does.  I’m like most, I think, as I inter a large room full of people, like a restaurant, I sit somewhat quietly and keep to myself.  Most social educate that I have learned in my life says “Don’t bother the people then they are eating” or “Just because we are in the same room doesn’t mean I want to talk to you.” 


 Bob simply see a room full of people as an opportunity to talk to as many people as he can in the smallest amount of space.  Like a politician or a profit, aka salesman.


  What is Bob selling; Jokes, Smiles, Love, Hey can I have a buck? Ok he’s not perfect but does the hat not go around in the church and the caucus? 

How’s it going everyone? We are now working on the roughcut for Chapter 8 “Lack of a “Normal Life””

Every funny. I got a call today from the Dallas Film Commission office asking for help! They said “I’m not sure what to do with this information so I’m calling you” They had Googled use and got my number, apparently Bob was causing such a ruckus at the State Fair that someone from the PR Dept of the Stair Fair grounds called the Dallas Film Commission asking about a supposed showing of “His Name Is Bob” at the State Fair.“My film is supposed to be showing here at the fair and I can’t find it, can you help me find it.”

Well there was no showing of the film because it’s not finished. I’m not sure why Bob thought this, but as a testament to his tenacity I making this post.

Thanks Bob, at least now the Dallas Film Commission knows about the film!

Have a Great Day!

J. Sebastian Lee

We have submitted our film for finish funding International Documentary Association Pare Lorentz Finishing Fund a 25k value and the International Documentary Association/ A&E IndieFilms/Heineken Finishing Fund a 50K value.  Should have an answer in December 2007.  Can’t wait

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