September 2007

Why did Jesus wear sandles?


He wanted to save souls!

What did the female chocolate say to the butter scotch female?


Got any lately!

Monday, Sept. 3

Another magical day. Once again, Bob is up and showered and dressed and ready to go before anyone else. He was sitting at the dining room table, chatting with my mom when I woke up. Probably around 8:30. We had breakfast and packed up the car once again, to eventually head back to Dallas.
I was very impressed with Bob’s healthy breakfast. He had coffee; a bowl of melon; two fried eggs; toast; and some scrambled eggs. Wow!
We left the house and made our way to the nursing home where my 87-year-old grandfather named Mike lives. We surprised him with a visit.
And what was in the lobby but a piano! Perfect for Bob. He sat down and was immediately in the musical groove. He played beautifully and drew a crowd. Mike loved it and said over and over again that it was “soothing.”
Then Mike asked that Bob go get his keyboard and walk down the hall playing so that the other residents could hear. So we ended up in a procession of sorts, with Bob at the lead, my mother pushing Mike in his wheelchair and me and Lisa in the rear. People stopped and smiled, listening to Bob play “You Are My Sunshine.”
We stopped in another sitting area, where Bob played for some more residents. There were requests, including Christmas music and some patriotic pieces, both of which Bob played.
This experience brought joy to many people and tears to my eyes more than once. I guess it was the innocence and overall good of Bob. He was spreading cheer and good feelings. Like the Pied Piper of faith and love.
We pulled out of Santa Fe for the 700-mile drive back to Dallas at about 11:30. Didn’t get to Dallas until about 12 hours later.
We ended up with at least four more hours of footage and a few rolls of 8 mm film shot. It’s all digitized and awaiting our little eyes and a place on the timeline. We are going to do some marathon editing this weekend.
We will finish this amazing story soon! Stay tuned!

Sunday, Sept. 2

Our last day in Sedona. And me, Sebastian and Lisa got our hike in while Bob hung out downtown and made friends with strangers. He helped pass out balloons to kids and came back with a bag of treasures. And as Sebastian wrote, Bob ran to us when we showed up downtown to pick him up. The man can run!
We managed to get out of our hotel by 3 p.m. and hit the road. Frequent stops were made along the way to shoot Bob and interesting backdrops. We saw a full double rainbow; dinosaurs along the highway; a car driven into the side of a building; and some great neon lights in Gallup, NM.
Bob would get a soda at every stop. His favorite is root beer or Big Red. But he will drink Dr Pepper if he has to. He likes plain m&ms, too. And chips. Did I mention that his diet consists basically of plain hamburgers and fries? He’ll have cereal and fruit for breakfast, but he loves his hamburgers!
We stopped over in Santa Fe and stayed at my mom’s house. We each had a piece of peach pie and slept oh so soundly after a long and tiring day of hiking and driving.

Saturday, Sept. 1

Alarm set for 6:30 a.m. and once again Bob is the first one up, showered and dressed. He donned his gray suit and straw cowboy hat today for our interview and meeting with the author. We still hadn’t secured a location for the interview and ended up just down the street at the Bell Rock Pathway. We had some issues with lighting and ended up doing the interview in a small, cavelike sitting area. Taylor had some great things to say about living life in the divine flow and applying his theories and beliefs to Bob’s way of life. It was perfect because he answered my question about Bob, which is: How does a man who was so abused and mistreated turn out to have such a great faith, love for life and love for others? Bob is such a good example of how to live life. For me, anyway. He has rolled with the punches and is truly guided by a higher power.
For me, this interview really gave us an explanation for how Bob manages to be like he is. In a nutshell, it’s his connection to God. But Taylor says it much more elegantly.
We attempted to shoot Bob on Bell Rock, one of the spiritual vortexes in Sedona. Didn’t work out like we had hoped and we were eventually driven to cover by an afternoon thunderstorm.
Lisa and I got to shop in downtown Sedona. Bob tagged along and talked to strangers, picking up treasures along the way. And Sebastian started his hunt for a special place he had visited years ago. He ended up finding it the next day. He wrote about Doe Mesa, which did turn out to be a beautiful spot.
We ended up at sunset on a high hill overlooking the red rocks, standing on a stage with a 20- or 30-foot wooden cross standing there. We shot Bob singing again and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful sky and surroundings.
After a stop at a raw food restaurant, some cacao and oxygen treatments for all, we had dinner at a pink diner with an alien theme. By the way, Bob says there is no such thing as aliens. They are not of God’s world, he says. Interesting….

Friday, Aug. 31

We awoke relatively early for having stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. Bob was up and showered and dressed before anyone else. He was ready to go, wearing his straw cowboy hat, shorts, T-shirt and sunglasses. We were loading up the car and Bob broke into a rap about having ENTHUSIASM, which led to an interesting ah-ha moment later on down the road. Stay tuned and I’ll tell that story in a second.
We shot Bob for a bit, asking him about what it’s like to be able to take a shower every day and how he feels to be clean. Then we headed over to K-Bob’s for a very good and very cheap breakfast. Bob had Rice Krispies, apple juice and toast. He wanted Corn Flakes, though. He charmed our server with a few jokes, including this one: “Do you like liver? I do! You can’t live without it.” I can’t think about this joke without hearing him say it and laugh, and seeing him rub his belly as he says, “You can’t live without it!”
Here’s amazing moment No. 1 for the day: Bob breaks into song at K-Bob’s. Absolutely beautiful. He sang church hymns. Some were along the lines of gospel music, and those were my favorites. Most likely from his days with the African Methodist Episcopal church. We had the camera with us (of course) and shot this. Rays of sunlight were reflecting off Bob’s hat, making him appear to glimmer. It was a moment to remember.
We hit the road after our $18 breakfast. Lisa and I took turns reading “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” Steven Lane Taylor’s book about living life in the divine flow. And here is my story about ENTHUSIASM. We’re reading along and come to a section that talks about that very word, which means “God within.” That describes Bob and his ability to deal with life perfectly for me. Bob has ENTHUSIASM because he carries his God within himself at all times. Another little moment that will be with me always.
This was a long day. We stopped at the Petrified Forest somewhere in Arizona and drove through the state park. It was very pretty. The sky was beautiful as the sun was setting.
We made it to Sedona around 9 p.m. and stopped for a bite to eat. We ended up at a pretty fancy restaurant very tired and very hungry and a bit irritated. Bob got his plain burger and fries and we all got to taste cactus fries.
We stayed at the Desert Quail Inn that night and got a little rest before our 8 a.m. appointment with author Steven Lane Taylor.

Thursday, Aug. 30

We had plans to leave for Sedona at about 7 p.m. Bob was ready, and so was I. Work and waiting for DHL to deliver film we needed held up the rest of the team, though. So, we didn’t hit the road until 8:37 p.m. We drove and drove and drove. Didn’t stop until Tucumcari at 3:30 a.m. Road warrior Sebastian hit the caffeine and chocolate and was prepared to drive all night. We stayed in a smoky Days Inn across the street from a restaurant called K-Bob’s. Very apropos! And the next morning it was evident to us all why the universe had us stay in Tucumcari that first night.

Hi everyone, we had a great time in Sedona AZ! I think the funniest moments of the trip where Bob’s hourly announcement that “He just let one!” followed by an “Awe that feels better”.

On the last day Heather Lisa and I went on a hike to the top of Doe Mesa, the most beautiful place on earth according to me. Anyway, we where about two hours late picking up Bob at the town center. Bob can’t walk over rocks very well so he elected to stay and tell jokes to the tourist. When we found Bob, he saw us from across the street. I have never seen Bob run that fast, it was very endearing. You could tell how much he values our companionship and not being left in another strange city.

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