August 2007

As of noon on Aug. 30, 46 comments have been posted on The Dallas Observer’s blog about Bob. It’s called “What About Bob?” and it was published on Aug. 28. Apparently, there are a lot of people who have something to say about the man. Here’s one of my favorites.

I am from Maine. When I first met Bob, he told me of his living in Maine for a while. My first reaction to Bob was that Bob was not all there. But after being around him for a while, I decided that maybe it was more like Bob was not where I was, which is where most of the world may be. Watching clips from the documentary gave me a peek into the very different world that Bob has lived in.
–Jack Scott

We leave tonight for a long-planned trip to Sedona, AZ, to do some more shooting. This is one of the last major things on our shot list to complete. We hope to capture more of Bob’s spiritual side in a beautiful setting. Bob called last night. “Just checking on the trip,” he said. He’s excited. I told him we’d be going in my car, and he said that sounds good. He told me, “You’re a good woman.” Made me smile. I told him that he is, too, which roused up a “Hey, stop that!” coupled with some chuckling on the other end of the phone. He asked me if Sebastian was there. I told him yes, and he said to say hi. Such a well-mannered man. “See you tomorrow, Bob,” I said. “Not if I see you first!” was his response. That simple conversation put a big smile on my face. Another example of the power of Bob. I’m very excited about this trip!

Hi Everyone. We have been posting on YouTube lately and gotten a lot of responses.  Thanks for all your views. 

As a result of this YouTube exposure, I got a call today from The Dallas Observer. Robert Wilonsky, the well-known film critic, wanted to know about the film.  We talked about the filmmakers — Lisa, Heather and myself — and then about the film.  We are leaving in a few days to take Bob to Sedona, Az., to finish the shooting of the film. 

Please take a look at Robert Wilonsky’s article:

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to the blog. It is hot in Dallas! Heather, Lisa and I are hard at work with the editing of the film. We hope to have five of the 10 chapters in rough cut form by the end of the week. The footage is coming together better than we had expected, so we are very happy about that. We have a road trip planned to Sedona, Az., sometime soon to wrap up the shooting for this project. Anyone know of some where to stay in Sedona? Bob will sleep on the floor! Just kidding. We are also looking for photographs of Bob as a child if anyone has any.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting this story.

I worked for one of the organizations, the Area Agency in Region III, Lakes Region Community Services Council Laconia, NH, that was formed to support people after the State School was closed. I worked to provide support to many of the individuals who lived there; sadly, Bob’s story is very familiar to me. This is a story that can not be told enough.

Thank you and all the best,
Bob M.

I was just told by Bob the other day about this website. I love what you are doing. Bob has been my friend for the 2 years I have worked at Whole Earth. The pastel painting, at the top of your page, I wanted to add was done by me.

Josh Strey

Is hisnameisbob scheduled for release? I see Bob almost everyday (at the pocket) and can’t wait. The clip on your website was great, I appreciate your work. Keep me posted? Rod

thanks lisa for the link, i just think you guys have done a …great job with the doc., we all have lived a life in some …way such as bob, at some level or another, rather spirtually …or in thoughts. thank the heavens and the grace of God for …the simplicity of life.


I was taking photos at AllGood Cafe and Mike S. mentioned that you are making a documentary and I checked out your website. How wonderful that you are doing this for a man who has received so little from others. I have a couple of photos of Bob and you’re welcome to use them, if you can. They are here:
FFC @ AllGood 032307 018
FFC @ AllGood 032307 025ed
Just ask if you’d like the hi-res files. You can’t download them from Flickr.

My wife and I met Bob at a concert in Deep Ellum recently and gave him a ride home. We enjoyed gettting to know him and would like to help out in any way he may need. Are his basic needs met, by work or by social services? Do you have any suggestions on how/where we may be able to assist him?
Thank you,
Ron W.

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